The Finals Review: New Best Shooter?

The Finals Review: New Best Shooter?
The Finals is a new shooter stealth released at The Game Awards 2023


  1. Gameplay
  2. Customization & Loadouts
  3. Vs other games
  4. Summary


Gameplay is a strong suit for The Finals. If you think that's saying something, it is. Every aspect of the game feels just right. The movement is smooth and easy to use but has a high skill ceiling in the tight spaces and verticality of The Finals maps. The guns all feel unique while sticking to the formula, hitscan and predictive recoil! Pillars for a strong competitive shooting game.

The game itself is a fresh concept with teams of 3 fighting initially for the vault that will pop up in a random spot on the map. The vault's cash is carried to one of the cashout stations and the team tries to protect the cashout until the timer runs out. Often times it's much easier to let another team start the cashout and steal it for yourself! This is where the game gets interesting and you can show some of your strategy.

One thing I really like is the fact that The Finals ranked mode actually changes the formula slightly from the usual quick cash mode. In tournaments there are 2 vaults at a time and 4 teams rather than 3. This really helps the game not feel like "whoever third parties wins". It's insane actually. Sometimes you'll cash out and see no one! All three other teams decided to fight over the other cashout. Other times you're the team trying to defend that cashout with multiple teams all over you. The increased number of teams and vaults on the map is fantastic for gameplay and makes tournaments ranked or not my preferred game mode.

Customization & Loadouts

The customization in The Finals is great I wont beat around the bush. Although it's very slow to grind up for any specific items for free, there are tons of options. You can customize your character in all sorts of ways from gender, clothing, hair and skin. On top of that the animal masks are pretty awesome. It's a shame you can't see your character all the time but the game does a great job of giving you the glory when you win matches. One important thing to note here. Unlike the gun and loadout options which are locked by your "build" the clothing options can be used on every character. No unlocking separately and your favorite character can wear your favorite clothes! With the cosmetics out of the way, on to the loadouts!

The Finals Equipment screen. Showcasing all the various guns and gadgets of the light class

There are a ton of different guns and gadgets clearly and this is just one "build". You get to run 3 gadgets, a gun, and a specialization. The best part is making fun combos for your class. When the beta was still going I ran a ton of light with cloak and sword and called it the "Predator" build. Some of my other favorites are the "Widowmaker" build with the sniper and grappling hook and pretty much anything with the M11. The medium and heavy "builds" have different playstyles with more shields and mines than the light class. You can really tailor a build to your teams playstyle and it makes The Finals really rewarding to play with friends!

VS other games

The Finals has all the makings of a great shooter game! The fast pace and snappy controls will appeal to CS/Valorant players as well as COD veterans and BR players. The Finals really is the best shooter around right now. Just the movement alone is addicting! When the beta went away my friends and I were FIENDING for more. The 3 person teams are small enough that we usually have enough for a full party and even when there are more than 3 people on someone is usually happy to swap out. The Finals has fantastic graphics too! Being made in UE5 it can look AMAZING! I don't usually play with all my settings to the max for frame rate but I do love it. The other thing I think has been a ton of fun with The Finals is the breakable arena. There is just nothing like leveling an entire building while you fend 5 people off your cashout. It takes a bit to even think the right way after figuring out you can break everything! These things really make th game next level and set it apart for me. Overall, I think The Finals really holds its own VS other games and is most definitely worth giving a try.


The Finals is the best shooter out right now! It's an absolute blast leveling entire buildings and getting those sweet last second steals and I could keep playing all day! If you haven't tried it already, do yourself a favor and add it to your Steam library!

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