Colin Correale - Unity Generalist

Notes - Potion Popper

Potion Popper was our first release! I was the only programmer on the game and I learned a ton. It has tilt based movement which is a lot of fun! 

There are several different types of potions that drop randomly and your health slowly drains. So if you don't catch any potions you just die. It has a cheat menu that lets you disable health drain and have infinite money for upgrades because cheating is fun!

 Speaking of upgrades there are a few different ones. My favorite is definitely "Super Sonic Spawner" because it makes the game so chaotic with insane spawn rates. There are also some money per second upgrades and general character and potion upgrades.

Notes - Hex Of The Hell Beast

*Because this game is still in development it lacks polish, the maps and visuals will continue to improve over time*

Hex of the Hell Beast is our new dungeon crawler! It's a lot of fun and has tons of features! You play as a cursed knight thrown into an infinite dungeon by an evil spirit! 

The dungeons you'll play through are different every time with environments like desert, graveyard, meadow and more! Each environment has it's own unique enemy and there are hidden secrets in the different environments too.

 In town you'll find upgrades all over the place! There's a full ability system that lets you customize your three abilities to fit your style. You can also upgrade cooldown and damage for each ability and there's even character stat upgrades! 

I made this game with the intent of being able to update and continue to work on new environments, events, and enemies so I made sure the dungeon generator is easy to add new parts to! I hope to work on this game and see it grow for a long time!

Dungeon draft

Notes - DinoSmash!

DinoSmash! is an action adventure platforming game where you play as a child with the ability to turn into a dinosaur! It's definitely a step forward from our other games as far as graphics and polish, and it's so fun to play! 

There are some really cool features in the game but one of my favorites is our snow level! Taking inspiration from Gran Turismo's "Coffee Breaks" we created a level with no enemies and only snowball pickups. Basically you run through the level grabbing snowballs and throwing them at little targets that explode! It's a great way to break up more intense levels and has made the game feel amazing!

I also have to talk about the transformation(Of course!). This was the core idea when I designed the game and everything was built around the idea of transformation. As you smash enemies you'll gain rage, if you fill your rage meter you transform into a dino for a short time and deal extra damage. Not only that but you are invulnerable to damage from enemies and can smash environment objects! The dinosaur is the star of the show!

Check out some of our screenshots and gameplay below. DinoSmash! will be releasing on the Google Play Store in September!

DinoSmash main menu. Keep an eye out for signs in each level telling you the password!
Level 2's password sign. Don't tell!

Screen recording showing DinoSmash! level 1 gameplay.