Rachel Kollar - Digital Artist

3D Art

December 2023 Christmas Collection

During the month of December I took part in a challenge I found on Instagram to make several cute and personalized Christmas themed 3D models in Blender. I chose this opportunity to try my hand at creating my own textures for each model and took it a step further to try and make little characters that would periodically show up in each piece :)

2D Pixel Art

Pixel Art November Challenge 2023

I took part in a pixel art challenge for the month of November 2023 with theme restrictions. I wanted to practice the isometric pixel art style (a personal favorite of mine) and these are a few of my favorites!

Favorite Pixel Art pieces from 2023

I take part in Pixel Dailies over on X (formally Twitter) and each day there is a new prompt and you create some pixel art centered around the daily prompt! It's a fun way to flex your creativity but also draw something you maybe normally wouldn't and get out of your comfort zone a bit. I always tend to try and make everything cute because I think there should be more cute in the world :)