Potion Popper

Potion Popper
The latest Main Menu!

Potion Popper has been coming along FANTASTIC lately! The final pieces of the puzzle are about done and we expect to be releasing NEXT MONTH!!! (JANUARY). I can't believe how much fun this project has been and just how much I've learned along the way!


In Potion Popper the objective is simple. CATCH POTIONS! Your life will continuously drain and the only way to stay alive is catching those potions! There are a few different types. Which we have outlined here.

Red Potion - The potion that started it all! Worth 25 points before any modifiers. 50 after the "Potion Popper" Upgrade!

Green Potion - This potion is a step up from the base Red Potion. Worth 50 points before modifiers and 75 after the "Potion Popper" Upgrade.

Blue Potion - The "Battery Potion" this potion instantly heals you to full health and keeps your health from draining for a short time!

Gold Potion - The biggest most lucrative potion you can catch! This potion is worth 100 points before any modifiers and a whopping 200 after the "Potion Popper" upgrade.

All menus are accessed through the Pause button. You can close the menus and return to your game from ANY menu.

Pause Menu - The pause menu is simple! Just a way to make sure you don't miss any potions, this menu only has 2 buttons Resume, and Main Menu

Cheats Menu - I see you over there! The cheat menu is the darkest and least traveled corner of Potion Popper. There are 2 cheats. "Iron Man" makes you invincible, letting you miss as many potions as you please with no worry of a Game Over. "Mr. Money Bags" makes every upgrade in the game free!

Store Menu - The place to access all your upgrades! There are upgrades for potions, extra health, less health drain, more potions spawning, and score per second!

Where can I get Potion Popper?

Potion Popper is being released in January 2023 on Steam and the Google Play Store!