Sleepless Update #9

Sleepless Update #9
A new BattleBug! This little guy is a magic wielding roach!

Hello everyone! Welcome back to the Sleepless Games newsletter! We have some fun things to talk about and I can't wait to show off some of the recent updates.

First off we have a (bare bones) PC build for Hex of the Hell Beast! I couldn't stand not having one up at all so I made sure it works but for the time being it's definitely not optimized since you still have to click abilities. There are still a ton of bugs in HOTHB too obviously so maybe a patch is in order soon. I would like to be able to fix the dash ability so it works again and at least finish the boss in the treasure cave. So expect another update soon!

As far as new games we have some things in the works too! Project BattleBug is in production! The game isnt actually called BattleBugs but thats our codename for it. We have a whole bunch of awesome characters already and the game itself is coming together nicely! It's a small scale project so we are starting with a small roster of bugs and a simple battle system. We also have an awesome beastiary of all the bugs! It gives a little background on each bug and since you can see all the bugs right when you start the game can serve as a fantastic means of planning your team too! Check out some of our bugs below!

There are some awesome characters to unpack there but I LOVE the dog/worm hybrid personally. Idk what happened but for a few days I only drew bugs that drool all over themselves! I also had a really good time with the ghost snail I think he came out amazing! I hope you guys like BattleBugs and I'm so excited to keep making them. It's been a ton of fun.

I'm not sure if the bugs will have typing like a Pokemon kind of system but the magic roach definitely makes it tempting! Haha! I have had a few ideas but if we were to implement it I think it would be a more simple Warrior Mage Thief setup. Think fast fragile bugs, strong slow bugs, and backline casting bugs. Some kind of way for the bugs to counter each other and have strengths and weaknesses is the important thing! Ive also had some thoughts on the bugs "builds". I really want to emphasize the ability to choose a bug you like and adapt them to your team and style. We are definitely going to keep testing things and if you have any suggestions feel free to reach out on Twitter or Mastodon and let us hear it!

Thanks so much for the time guys and I hope you enjoyed seeing some of Sleepless recent progress and what we have in the works! We'll continue to post updates and look for suggestions as development continues. If you havent already, give one of our games a try on Itch. They're free! and as always Stay Sleepless.