March Update

March Update
The new dungeon picker. This lets us pick what level to start a run.

Hello everyone! Welcome to Sleepless Studios March newsletter! March was a difficult month for us but we have some really great things to talk about!

First I wanted to talk about the biggest update this month. Hex of the Hell Beast has been delayed. We don't make this choice lightly but the game is just not ready yet and we want to ensure it meets the vision we have and quality level we want. We know this can be disappointing and are hoping our audience finds the wait well worth it for a better and more polished game.

We don't have a firm release date yet so stay up to date with the newsletter in the coming months to hear more.


With that out of the way, lets dig into some of the changes from this month! We have been hard at work on the bug list first and foremost. We had a couple strange issues with stats being raised or lowered incorrectly and our notification bar as well. Thankfully these are done and working properly now!

We also dug into the melee combat system this month. We added the ability to upgrade your melee damage at the hub! We also fixed the patchy hit recognition so melee now feels much better. If you want your character to be an absolute chainsaw melee is for you! This has been tons of fun in testing. Tainted Blade feels like one of the best abilities in the game now with melee upgrades implemented!

Another awesome addition this month was some of our story elements! We made our first draft of an introduction cinematic and it's so exciting! We love getting to build the world into something rich and engaging and this really gave the game a more polished feel overall. Speaking of rich, engaging story elements we have been hard at work on our maps and environments this month. We are really excited about the desert environment right now. It's been a ton of fun to get lost in a map with lots of desert. There are also special secrets for each environment just like the treasure cave event we talked about previously. So be on the lookout for what secrets the desert may hold!

Lastly, we had a lot of fun working on the dungeon system this month. We have added to the system so that it keeps track of your highest dungeon level completed. This also allowed us to create a system where you can pick what dungeon level to go to! We gave a variety of options from level 1 all the way to 40 and an option for going straight to your highest level. The updates to the dungeon system have been incredible! It's so much more fun to be able to start your run and not have to do level 1 over again! Although it has accelerated player treasure collection by A LOT!

IT WAS LEVEL 40 OK!?!?!?

So that's March in a nutshell! It's been an exciting and really productive month! We can't wait to share more updates and finally release Hex of the Hell Beast to the world. We hope that you'll find the wait well worth it!