New Content Cycle

New Content Cycle
Damn Daniel! We are back at it again with a new content schedule

Hello everyone! I have been WAYY too quiet about all the exciting things going on at Sleepless Studios!! Being that I've not been very consistent with my updates we are going to be swapping from monthly updates to a bi-monthly schedule. We are going to do our best to keep content meaningful and fun and are planning some of our more exciting posts now that we have a bigger timeframe.

Aside from the content schedule we have got some really exciting stuff to mention! I picked up a Meta Quest 2 this week and cant wait to write and tell you guys about my VR adventures thus far! I've been having tons of fun and am already digging into VR development to ensure Sleepless continues to improve and push the boundaries.

My new Quest 2! I also ended up picking up the Logitech Chorus Audio attachment

The Quest and VR in general has been TONS of fun to get my hands on and play with. I also ended up picking up the elite strap with the battery on it for extended battery life and better comfort. The new strap definitely made me feel like I can stay in VR longer and my girlfriend noticed a big difference in feeling motion sickness too!

Clearly I'm a big fan of some customization haha! So I hope you'll not judge me when I show what else I ordered already(I don't have an issue, you have an issue!)

Decals for the Quest 2 I ordered off of Etsy! They haven't shown up just yet );

Overall I think the Quest has been a great pickup and I'm excited to do a more in depth review soon as well as dive into some of what we have been able to do in VR!

I hope you guys are as excited as me to see where this journey goes and I'm very happy to be back and figuring out a content schedule that works for me. Stay Sleepless!!