January Update!

January Update!
Our newest project!! You play as a slime with magic elemental powers!

Hello everyone! Welcome to Sleepless Studios January update. We have a few topics to cover and some very exciting news!

I'm so excited Potion Popper has officially released on Google Play! Today we are also showcasing our next game which is TONS of fun in testing and has some great features. You play as a Slime with elemental powers! We have lots of elements planned but we are so excited that we have a little preview of our Ice abilities!

First, let's take a moment to celebrate the release of Potion Popper! WOO!! What a great learning experience it has been. We got ESRB rated, Went through testing phases and release with Google Play, Learned how to deploy patches, and learned how to make hyperlinks in C#! We had some struggles early on finding our footing and direction with the game but it ended up being pretty fun! Being Sleepless Studios first release we wanted to keep Potion Popper a small and "easy to digest" game. With the experience under our belt and our progression-hungry bellies empty, we set our sights much higher for our second game...

Slime Time!!! Haha ok sorry it's not called Slime Time. Seriously though, this game is going to be INSANE. We have randomized dungeons, enemies, treasures, and events! On top of that we have a fully customizable ability system, and stat leveling mechanics that truly let you play any way you please! Like I said, it's been a ton of fun in testing. So without further ado, let's break down our slime's Ice abilities!


Summary: Ice abilities are mostly defensive, but just because you can stun enemies in multiple directions and make yourself invulnerable doesn't mean you're invincible!

Ability 1 - Icicle Shot: Shoot icicles in 8 directions around the player. Does moderate damage and pierces through enemies. Triggers "hit stun".  

         Ability 1 Breakdown - This ability is awesome, I use it for the stun when I want to farm treasures. Ignore everyone and run straight for the treasures baby! Haha! It's also really good if you can get close to enemies. If you can hit with multiple of the icicles at once it does tons of damage.

Ability 2 - Freeze: Encase the player in a block of ice, making them invulnerable to damage for the duration but stopping movement.

         Ability 2 Breakdown - Ok, this ability was a total sleeper for me! I did NOT expect to like it as much as I do, I just like to have an "I'm scared help me" button! It's really useful to wait for cooldowns and dodge big attacks too. 100% internal usage rate LOL

Suggested Combos: Ice goes well with a lot. We have been running Freeze in all of our games. I think if I had to pick an ideal combo right now I would pair it with Lightning. With how hard it is to take down Ice, adding Lightning's Dash ability would make it so easy to farm up treasures! ZOOMIN!

Well, that's our breakdown of the new Ice abilities in the upcoming slime game! I cant wait to feature more abilities and types as we get closer to release. We are really focusing on giving each element it's own feel, and Ice feels great. The other elements we have implemented right now are Lightning, Fire, and Poison! Each has a different sort of "angle" they attack the game from, and you can mix and match abilities as you please which is really freeing and fun!

Overall the game is an absolute blast to work on and it's SO FUN to play! We have really kept to our core principals, which I'm proud of. We wanted the game to be accessible, and I can happily say the game will be free to play from day 1. We wanted the game to replayable, and I can happily say the random dungeons, ability swapping, stat leveling, and difficulty scaling really make the game feel endless. I'm also very happy to say we are planning on supporting the game long term with additional abilities, dungeon tiles, monsters, and characters! So plenty more ability sneak peeks and slimy fun!

Thank you guys for checking up with us and we will see you next time!!!