February Update

February Update
The Big Reveal!

February was a TON of work. we hit a few roadblocks and difficulties this month but we have a game we are really happy with right now! The biggest and most obvious change is the art style and direction. We were having trouble getting into the world of our little slime, so we decided to create a more Victorian, gothic, Bloodborne inspired theme.

We have been really happy with the outcome so far! The most exciting part has been the abilities and enemies I think. So I'll dive right into the ability changes!

The new and improved ability swapper!

NEW ABILITIES!! That's right! We overhauled the ability system to be more in line with our new world and characters. We still have 4 categories, and some of the abilities have been repurposed to the best of our ability because we thought they were so fun.

The categories have changed and are as follows.

Gun Abilities

Misfire: The gun abilities are some of the best! Our first ability Misfire takes the place of our old explosion ability. It causes massive damage in a massive area around the player. Keep in mind, all that power comes with a massive cooldown!

Homing Shot: Homing shot is awesome! It takes the place of the old fireball ability and works the same. It seeks out the nearest enemy for moderate damage on a generously short cooldown. This has been a favorite for us since the beginning as its so incredibly useful for finding those last few enemies in a dungeon!

Knife Abilities

Fan of Knives: OK! This ability might be the most slept on right now. Fan of Knives sends 8 knives flying in all directions on a short cooldown. It doesn't do the most damage, but is great for applying hit stun to set up a nasty combo!

Smoke Screen: A new ability and an instant favorite Smoke Screen has been incredibly popular in testing. You turn invisible to enemies for a short time. It's a great inclusion for survivability in any build and really lets us lean into a more thief like play style!

Holy Magic Abilities

Divine Bolt: Divine Bolt is our new version of the Lightning Bolt ability. It's way too much fun and had to stay! Divine Bolt will pick a random enemy in its range and bring down a massive golden bolt of holy justice on them! If you stand for all things righteous and good, this is the ability for you!

Heavenly Wings: Haha shoutout to SMITE. Heavenly wings is our sprint ability, doubling your speed for a short time after use. This is another great utility style ability that can completely change the way you play the game. Whether you like to speed around maps destroying enemies or you're just doing some treasure runs this ability is sure to make its way into your lineup at some point.

Poison Abilities

Poison Barrel: Poison Barrel hasn't changed too much. It has a massive range and does a ton of damage, but the trap idea of needing enemies to run into it felt bad. That has been changed. The barrel, once deployed can now be detonated remotely by pressing the button again. Drown your enemies in a toxic cloud of vengeance!

Tainted Blade: My favorite ability! Tainted blade is a buff spell that gives you life steal on ANY other damaging ability! It only lasts a short time so use it wisely. This ability is best paired with heavy hitting abilities like Poison Barrel and Misfire for the biggest heals.

Our Work In Progress Treasure Cave encounter

Lastly, I wanted to touch on one of the cool events we have been working on! The dungeon is always randomly generated, and within the random "biomes" there are different secrets to discover. One of them being a magical cave filled with treasure! Use your utility abilities to easily scout out a dungeon and decide if you want to complete the level or search for knowledge and treasure in one of these secret events! The cave is looking pretty rough right now but the polish will come with time!

Thanks for checking up with us for the month of February! We cant wait to show you more in March so be on the lookout for the next big update! You can also Follow the team on twitter! Twitter.com/CorrealeCodes and Twitter.com/SnoSuggestions

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