December Update

December Update
The latest screenshot of v1.1 of "Potion Popper" by Sleepless Studios.

December has been full of fun so far! We have made some fantastic updates to Potion Popper centered around sounds and music but also with the new SUPER SONIC SPAWNER upgrade!

Music - We have added music to Potion Popper! There is now a brand new main menu theme and a game level theme! Also added this month is our potion breaking sound effect. (I shattered my only DINNER PLATES for this!) Haha! Ok no I didn't but next time!

Super Sonic Spawner - This new upgrade sets the spawner on OVERDRIVE! Potions will spawn almost constantly making it very easy to rack up a new high score! The upgrade comes at a steep cost of 5000 Score. The most expensive in the game!

 - Feature dev note: "I wanted to make Super Sonic Spawner rewarding, it is the most expensive upgrade in the game! I was just also worried about there being TOO much chaos. I think we found a great balance."

Potion Popper is almost ready and we are so excited to share it with everyone next month! Look for it on Steam or Google Play Store January of 2023!

The Next Chapter

Unnamed Dungeon Crawler - Our next game is just starting development! I can't say much as we don't even have a name just yet but we are SO EXCITED! We have created a dungeon randomization system that keeps the game feeling fresh every single time you play. There are different types of enemies, treasures, and rooms and you could get any combination!

Focus - The focus for the new game is definitely replay-ability. Inspiration for the project includes other dungeon crawlers like Diablo 3 or Rogue Heroes, both of which we LOVE! But we also wanted to capture a special feel with the art. You can read the developers thoughts below.

"We actually had some hilarious conversations about a Chihuahua inspiration. Our goal is to bring something unique that TRIES to be scary and intimidating, but may be a bit cuter than it knows haha"

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