April Update

April Update
An early screenshot from DinoSmash! showing the character, a plant based enemy, and our earliest environment!

Hello Everyone! Welcome to Sleepless Studios April update! We have a lot of exciting topics to cover so lets get right into it!

This month has been a lot of fun! We are still making progress on Hex of the Hell Beast but we have also started on another project that I'd like to introduce! So please welcome our newest game DinoSmash!

DinoSmash! is an action adventure platforming game where you play as a lost child with the power to transform into a T-Rex! It's not only been a ton of fun to work on but also a ton of fun to play!

Our newest game works to uphold all of our core Sleepless Values(Relpayability, Thought Provocation, and Player Focus) while also improving our visuals and overall polish.


Replayability was a hard concept to work with on a platformer game. It's typically seen more as a narrative adventure genre with defined start and end points and specific levels. So we got creative! DinoSmash! features an infinite runner inspired free play mode where the enemies and map are randomized for a fresh fun level every time. Combining this with transformation feature has been a lot of fun for us. There really is no feeling like being a massive dinosaur stomping through an infinite amount of enemies and destroying platforms and environments along the way!

The other big thing to think about with any games replayability is progression. We love being able to upgrade and build your character to craft a unique playstyle. In DinoSmash! this is achieved through our upgrade system! Using various currency and drops from enemies you will be able to upgrade your character's attributes(transform time/speed, attack power, health, etc.) giving the player more control over how the game is played. We hope that this helps make DinoSmash! a game you can come back to over and over again.

Thought Provocation

Another of our core pillars at Sleepless, thought provoking games can mean a lot of different things! In DinoSmash! we use the helplessness and vulnerability of our character, in contrast to the harsh prehistoric world to create an environment that lets you feel for the character. The struggles you face will also make you rethink your strategy and change your approach to certain enemies and obstacles. For example, our turtle based enemy has a shell and a relatively flat back, by using this to our advantage and attacking from his back we can easily dispatch this enemy.

There are lots of different ways to abuse an enemies weakness. So keep an eye out for your least favorite enemies "Kryptonite"!

Player Focus

At Sleepless we try to make every decision in the best interest of our players! We strive to create great games and feedback from our audience is how we do that! In DinoSmash! we have worked hard to ensure we don't unnecessarily take control away from the player. It's a simple concept! We want you doing more playing, and less watching to build a more immersive and engaging world.

Being primarily a mobile game studio this also means we NEVER allow ads in our games. There is nothing more frustrating than getting to play 1 round of a game just to sit through 2 minutes of ads you didn't ask for! DinoSmash! will be ad free, just like the rest of our games!

With the pillars of DinoSmash! explained you can see how we came to be so excited for our newest game. This is a mobile platformer with fun combat and exciting levels that we cant wait to show you!