3D Games

Little Screamies:

Little Screamies is a first person horror and survival game. The game centers around a reporter who is studying and infiltrating Little Laboratories. It doesn't take long to realize Little Laboratories isn't like other stories you've covered... Survive long enough to uncover the mysteries of Little Laboratories and put a stop to the evil Dr. Screamcuts dubious plan! My favorite parts of this game are definitely the Platforming levels! The companion Screamie is my favorite!

Pirate VR Demo:

The Pirate VR Demo is a small project I built after getting my VR headset! It's a small town to explore with various interactions and NPCs as well as some interactable objects and fun animations. It was a ton of fun learning the ins and outs of VR controllers and headsets and getting to experience your creations with so much immersion is awesome! My favorite part of this game is definitely the treasure cave! I worked hard on the lighting and post processing across the game to get that perfect feel and it all came together in that cave!